A hackathon is a place to create.

Working together with a team, you will have 24 hours to create something: website, app, game, anything. You’ll then present your creation to a panel of judges.

A hackathon is a place to learn.

No worries if you've never coded before—we provide workshops to help you get started. It's a perfect place to start when you need help with computer science homework just like you receive one when sending the "Complete coursework for me with" messages.


A hackathon is a place to have fun.

Make new friends and recieve awesome swag, all for free! Games and activities are planned to give your mind (and fingers!) a break.

Empowering Cincinnati students through CincyHacks: The premier hackathon

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How long is CincyHacks?

You will have 24 hours to work on your projects at CincyHacks. We will also have activities before and after the block of coding, so expect to be there from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening.

Where is CincyHacks?

Due to Covid-19 concerns. CincyHacks 2021 is going virtual. We'll be hosting the hackathon using Discord and Zoom. Register now for access to the Discord!

Who can participate in CincyHacks?

Any current high school student is welcome to participate in CincyHacks. Additionally, parents and teachers are welcome at the final awards ceremony.

Do I need to know how to code?

CincyHacks is completely beginner friendly—coders of all skill levels are welcome to come learn or create something new!

Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.



Amey Haridhas



Reja Khan

Public Relations


Ethan Rudy



Ava Scherocman



Dominic Scott

Hacker Experience


Emily Yang



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